I was very pleased with Jan’s Reiki session with my Arabian mare. Jan was able to locate some areas of physical concern, which I could then focus appropriate therapies on. The session also revealed some emotional considerations, helping me understand how to move forward in connecting better with a rather fearful, untrusting mare who was virtually unhandled until age 7. In addition, she has strong intuition with animals. I recommend Jan for physical, behavioral, and emotional work with animals. [Caryn]

The Reiki work helped my horse and complimented other bodywork I was doing with him. He’s had ongoing stifle issues and the Reiki work really helped. I believe the Reiki work identified and helped an old injury to his shoulder. I’m very grateful for the Reiki work! [Katie]

Having never had a Reiki session before I was a little apprehensive the first time. Jan was very patient and explained everything to me as we started.  She made sure to answer all my questions, even the crazy ones, and made sure I was comfortable.  The experience was peaceful and quite relaxing.  I think I even fell asleep!  That night I slept like a baby and the following day I had a lot of sinus discharge which after a quick call to Jan, I learned it was normal as my body as expelling toxins.  Over the next few days some lingering knee/leg pain I was having was reduced to the point of not needing any medications to help cut the pain.  I loved my session and I highly recommend Jan. [Stacy B.]